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Your Benefit Web Site

Benefit Reports can create a personalized benefit web site designed for your company that serves as a complete benefits administration and communication system. Your personalized web site allows you – the human resources or employee benefit professional – to spend less time on administration and answering common benefit questions and more time on strategic benefits issues.

Within your company’s benefit web site you are able to post your entire human resources employee benefits information. Handbooks, job postings, links to provider directories, schedules of benefits, SPDs, important benefit forms, even your holiday and vacation schedules. It also serves as a news portal from which you can highlight important corporate announcements such as quarterly sales updates, upcoming company meetings or outings or even baby or wedding announcements! Your web site can even link to your corporate Intranet or web site.

Additionally, within the site is a "Tools" section that links to a comprehensive HR resource center. The resource center is designed specifically for human resources and employee benefits professionals. It offers unique access to an on-line library of legislative updates, benefit and legal compliance information and general benefit information to share with colleagues and/or employees.

Already have a corporate Intranet? No problem! Link your benefit web site to your corporate Intranet so your employees will have a one-stop shop for all their company information!

To access a demo version of a personalized benefit web site, please click on the link below. At the log in page, enter "brwebdemo" as both your username and password.

View site demo